Our history

Lay Day: During surfing competitions, “Lay Day” is a break day due to a lack of waves or unfavorable weather conditions. The ideal time to open up to other activities…

After all, isn’t that what happiness is?

Biarritz, May 2021 between the mountains and the ocean, a beautiful sunny day is beginning. The clear sky reveals the Spanish landscapes, a few waves on the horizon and a round of golf starting. Two friends meet up on the greens like every week, they change the world, laugh, have fun. And this is where it all begins after a few good shots but also some not so good ones, laughter, frustration but above all a lot of pleasure an idea springs up... Make golf more fun through clothing style. Why always dress the same way? Why do we always find the same claws on the greens?

We first start by searching the four corners of the world to find brands that resemble us, that break current codes while respecting the values ​​and etiquette of golf that is so dear to us, then we work hard -foot to bring a selection of products here near you, for you and offer them to you through our website.

Lay Day is a mixture of passion for golf, surfing, travel, music and art. It's a state of mind, a desire to share our vision of golf with as many people as possible.

Forget customs fees and extended delivery times, we take care of everything! Simply find brands from all over the world on our site and only think about one thing: your style!